Monday, April 07, 2014


We saw our first hummingbird several weeks ago.  The feeders are hung, and I haven't been able to spend much time watching for the little speedsters, but we've seen them at several locations around central Louisiana.

What I didn't know is that there is a website that tracks the annual migration of the ruby-throated hummingbird.  Click here for the link.  It looks like they came ashore in Louisiana in late February, and they've been seen as far north as Missouri and Virginia.  We love watching them buzz around the backyard, and we generally have several in attendance all summer.


Gerry N, said...

Here in W. Washington State we have Anna's Hummingbirds. Pretty little birds, iridescent green with bright magenta heads and gorgets. They stay all year nesting in mid December. I have several feeders around the back yard and all are in use year round.

The Anna's are the smallest birds in North America weighing 5 grams, the same as a US Nickel.

Old NFO said...

They are amazing to watch... just simply amazing...