Sunday, April 06, 2014

Jackie Speier - Dumbass

When I first saw this on a gun forum, I thought that it must be spam of some sort, so I Bing-ed it to see is I could find any other links.  Sure enough, some California Representative has called for President Obama to ban the import of assault weapons.  Here's another link, and the first paragraph tells you all you need to know.
Rep. Jackie Speier, a Peninsula Democrat, called on President Barack Obama on Wednesday to ban the import of assault weapons following last week’s high-profile arrest of state Sen. Leland Yee on gun-trafficking charges.
Uuh, Jackie, (you ignorant dumbass), Yee was planning to smuggle fully automatic rifles and rocket launchers.  Both of those acts are already illegal.  Of course, I wouldn't expect a California Democrat to make the fine distinction between one thing that's already illegal and another thing that's also already illegal.   If I were her constituent, I'd be bombarding her this morning with emails and tweets, revealing to the world her ass-hattery.  The woman is a disgrace, and deserves the jeers of the entire nation.


Old NFO said...

Yeesh... They just don't get it... sigh

Rivrdog said...

Think: what if the asshats actually DO know the difference between real assault weapons and the semi-auto rifles the NFA allows us? In that case, they are pulling a double-deception. In that case, what they are after is a ban on all semi-auto rifles. We contribute to this confusion with our incessant nattering about the definition of assault weapons, because while we are hung up, they advance their legislation.

Our best move is to follow some of the good advice out there, and attack the entire NFA. The grounds for such an attack are simply thatthe Founders, while writing the 2A, obviously wanted us to bear common light infantry weapons, and the NFA, with its action-style limits and barrel length limits, is counter to the thinking and desires of the Founders.

If we can't prevail on that argument, our fallback is to leave the present NFA restrictions alone, force the states to accept them (no magazine limits, etc) and keep the REAL 2A in force. The 2A authorizes and REQUIRES militia for the express purpose of keeping the Federal and lesser Governments in check, and as interpreted, permits weapons carriage for personal defense as well.

Its time our pro-2A outfits ALL got behind the REAL 2A.