Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Vance! Whazzup?

It seems that my new Congressman, Vance McAllister, has become embroiled in scandal a scant few months after being sworn in. This morning he's being sworn at. It seems someone leaked video of him lip-locking a married female staffer. The newshounds are all over it
The story surrounding Louisiana's newest congressman Vance McAllister, his affair with a married staffer, and a video purportedly proving the infidelity is only getting stranger and more complex.
Well, yeah, the story is getting stranger, but if Vance hadn't been smooching on the staffer, there wouldn't be any story at all.
Less than 24 hours after the video showing the newly-elected 5th District congressman kissing staffer Melissa Anne Hixon Peacock was first leaked, new reports allege the evidence was purposely released by one of McAllister's district managers. But although he admitted to the affair, McAllister said he will not resign and claimed this was the first time he strayed from his wife of 16 years.
Yeah, Vance, I'm sure that this is the first time you've ever fooled around on your wife. I'm sure that your wife believes it too.
Like McAllister, 40, who is married with five children, Peacock, 33, is married and has a child. Her husband Heath Peacock is devastated over the affair, he revealed during an interview with CNN. He said the two married couples were close friends and that he can’t believe this is happening.
Couple of notes, here, Vance. We didn't send you to Washington to swap-slobber and ruin marriages. We sent you there to work. You should have known that folks would be gunning for you, and you gave them all the ammo they needed. Not only did you betray your wife and kids, but you've disappointed us, the voters. We believed you when you said you were a devoted husband and family man. You lied to us, Vance. Being caught on camera, in what is ostensibly a public place, shows me that you're either stupid, or arrogant, or both.

We sent you, as a first-timer, to Washington to represent the people of the district.  Within four months you've shown yourself to be just another lying, cheating politician.  Don't ever ask for my vote again.  I don't care who leaked the video.  You did this to yourself.


Melissa said...

Wow. Just wow. One word: Politician

Titan Mk6B said...

In Oklahoma we elected a first-timer and it did not take long for him to become embroiled in conterversy. He had an ethics violation filed against him. He owns a plumbing business and thought that he would still be able to run it while he was in Congress. A plumbing business he purchased from his father that was near bankruptcy and he built into a fairly large business that created a lot of jobs.

Washington is broken.