Monday, June 06, 2011

.308 Monday

My son Joey and I went out to our private range today for a little shooting. As it turned out, all we shot were our centerfire rifles in .308 Winchester.

With temps in the low 90s, at least the wind was still. Not a breath of breeze to blame if the shot went astray.

Joey getting in the zone with his rifle. It's a Savage Model 10 and he installed the Choate stock that came with the ugly rifle. Truth be known, it's hard to tell if the stock made much difference. He fired five, three shot groups that averaged 0.853 inches for all groups. This is the first time he's shot that rifle in almost two years, but the rifle continues to satisfy.

A view downrage. We've got a big pile of storm-downed oak as a backstop, with another big pile of sawdust directly in front of the oak.

Finally, PawPaw hisself, shooting the ugly rifle. I fired one cold-bore shot with this rifle, and one cold-bore shot with my Remington 700. One or the other of them will get the nod as my primary deer rifle this year, so I'll start taking them along whenever we do any shooting and recording that first cold-bore shot. Right now, I'm within an inch of my aiming point with either of them.


Old NFO said...

That works for either of them! :-) You might have to flip a coin!

Rich Jordan said...

"private range"

sigh... sounds like a little piece of heaven!