Saturday, December 04, 2010

Hunting with Zach

I went to the lease this morning, accompanied by a grandson, Zachary, eight years old. PawPaw had lots of geedunk in the hunting bag, to include trail mix and beef jerky. Zach brought along something he calls a Nintendo DSI, which is a neat little device that runs on batteries and lets him play video games when he's bored.

Here's a photo of Zachary in the deer stand, munching on some beef jerky.

We had been sitting in the stand for several hours and he needed to stand up. My stand is a typical type for these woods, a 6' x 4' box stand, cobbled together from 2X2s and plywood. There's easily room for two people in the stand and it's a pretty common type of stand for these woods.

Here's the view out the window, looking down the pipeline. My corn feeder is in the opposite treeline, a measured 120 yards from the stand. The top of the hill is 200 yards.

It's one of my favorite places in the whole world.


Old NFO said...

Nice view :-)

JPG said...

I can see WHY it's a favorite place, and more 'specially when you have a grandkid with you.