Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Morning Dawg

I am told that in the life of a canine pack, it is the pack leaders responsibility to insure that all the members of the pack are fed, and more particularly to insure that everyone gets a portion of the choice bits.

In this household, Milady is the Leader of the Pack. When Milady seeks a snack, the dog is nearby, asserting his right to a portion of the choice bits. Just yesterday, Milady professed a yearning for crackers and potted meat and the dog likewise asserted his claim.

He's the Waiting for Snacks, Sunday Morning Dawg.

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J said...

To me, potted meat tastes like souse, i.e., hog's head cheese. I love potted meat, but one and only one taste of hog's head cheese passed through my lips. I can remember my ancestors boiling hog heads in order to make hog's head cheese. Yuck, yuck, yuck. . . . It was a big deal to be named as the best maker of hog's head cheese in the area.