Sunday, December 05, 2010


I've been moving all afternoon. Not for myself, PawPaw and Milady are happily ensconced in our home, but Milady's son is in the midst of a move, and PawPaw has a pickup truck, so Sunday was spent hauling furniture from one house to the other.

Youngest son, Joey, is due back in Louisiana later this week. With a U-Haul truck. I'll probably get involved in that exercise. Then, elder son, Barrett is moving from his all-too-small trailer into a house that fits his family much better. And is literally one minute from his job. The school for his kids is four blocks from the house, and they could walk, except for one 4-lane highway. Still, everything is a lot closer and more convenient. If he decides to walk to work it'll take him ten minutes.

His scheduled moving day is next Saturday and PawPaw will be present with the truck and a flat-bed utility trailer. We're going to get this done, and in a timely manner.


JPG said...

Please, y'all be careful crossing that highway. It's easy to become distracted in the middle of such an undertaking.

J said...

They couldn't wait 'til after deer season to move?

Anonymous said...

Patty says: If they need any help let me know - I'm real good at unpacking boxes and organizing a house.

Old NFO said...

Well, the bright spot is it's NOT the middle of the summer! :-)

And remember, lift with the LEGS!!!

Pawpaw said...

J asks - "They couldn't wait 'til after deer season to move?"

I think that Joey is coming home to finish the deer season.,