Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Morning Dawg

During the Christmas festivities, the dog was surprised to find that Milady had hung a stocking on the fireplace with his name on it, and Santa had gotten the dog a new jacket.

In this photo, he's standing near the table,begging scraps. Of course, he got his ration of ham and turkey. Isn't he stylish in his new jacket?

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Rivrdog said...

At Schloss Rivrdog, Houdini the Hiding Cat was unavailable for the festivities, being totally afraid of most humans. His stocking contents remained unrevealed.

We got the recluse a can of fine Alaska Salmon, and since he deigned to come out of hiding today, I gave him some. THAT is the cat Zoloft, right there, yessir! Cat is now hanging around the gudwife and I, waiting for more of it, but he doesn't know that I have rationed him to about a tablespoon per day because it's so salty.

The other thing in his stocking was a clip-on deoderizer in "Sweet Pea" scent. I've put that up near his litter box, but one thing about Houdini, he is VERY good at covering everything up, and I'm not sure the scent is needed or will be welcomed by the fastidious animal.