Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Gumbo

We awoke this morning to a cold, breezy day in Central Louisiana. The thermometer hasn't moved much off 40 degrees for the last two days. It's a wet cold with the rain we got yesterday. The weather-weenies say that the sun is supposed to peek out this afternoon, and I'm seeing a threat of that, but it's still heavy jacket weather outside.

So, after church, I decided to take the turkey from Christmas Eve and boil the carcass. I've finished that and made a broth from the turkey bones, peeled the meat that was leftover, and added salt and pepper. Then, I took out some of the deer sausage that Vance Keene made for me and I've got it sizzling in a large black skillet. When it's done, I'll saute some onions and bell peppers, then make a roux in the same pot.

After it's assembled, I"ll put it on a simmer and let the flavors combine, walking past it once an hour or so, give it a stir and add water as necessary.

Milady is shopping with the daughters. I've told them that when they get through with their plundering, I"ll have a big gumbo ready.


Old NFO said...

Um... mmmm Sounds good! It's in the low 40's a raining out here at the daughter's place in California. I'm stuck eating leftovers... sigh...

Rivrdog said...

Damn! Looking to have to go back on my diet to shed the 5# I put back on this holiday season, and now I read THIS!

I did the same sort of thing yesterday with the rib bones left over from a Prime Rib dinner I went to on Christmas Day. I Put them in the Crock Pot with 8 cups of water and three Beef bouillon cubes, then added onions, garlic, jalapenos, carrots, celery, barley and cumin seed at the appropriate times. Pulled out the bones and pulled the meat when the meat got tender enough, then cut it up fingernail-sized. Easy Crock-Pot Beef Barley soup, yummm!