Wednesday, December 01, 2010


What does NOPD stand for? Not Our Problem, Dude!

That's been a law-enforcement joke for years, but now it looks like the chief of the New Orleans Police Department is faced with a quandary. What might one do with all those lying cops?
Deciding what to do with dishonest cops ought to be an easy decision, but not here. If Chief Ronal Serpas fired every liar in his department, we'd either have to cancel Mardi Gras or bring in state police to keep order.
And that's just exactly what he needs to do. If the public can't trust the police to tell the whole truth every time, then the Chief needs to run their butts up the road.

I've been a police officer for thirty years, and I've always know that a lie would get me fired. Possibly prosecuted. The New Orleans Police Department should learn the same lesson.


Old NFO said...

They should, but they won't... They've been sleazy going back at least 40 years that I personally know of...

Termite said...

I'd just like to know where the NOPD "ghost" cops went. You know, the ones that supposedly bugged out during/after Katrina, and then it turns out they never existed, except on the payroll.
Haven't heard much about that, have we?