Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday feeders

The boys and I went to the lease this morning with the express intent of filling feeders. Of course, we had to take the Mule to haul the corn. And, we had to ride the Mule while we were there. It's 36 miles from my house to my deer stand, via the road network. With gas stops and corn-dog stops and helping my brother-in-law with his feeders we were only gone for eight hours.

There's lots'a things to do in the woods, like skipping rocks in the creek and checking the muddy areas for deer tracks, and climbing in the stands. Then, when a thunderstorm blows up, you've got to count the seconds between the lightning flash and the thunder crash and figure how many miles away the lightning might be. It's amazing that we got it all done so quickly.

The least one needed rubber boots, so PawPaw took him to the Feed & Seed and got a nice pair of camo boots. They'll do till he grows out of them and PawPaw was favorably impressed that rubber boots can still be bought for under $10.00.

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PresterSean said...

Damn, I miss Monday's like that.