Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday hunt

This morning I got out in the woods. I didn't see anything from my stand, but there is evidence around the deer feeder that they've found it.

Below my stand trickles a small, intermittent creek. It's got a sandy gravel bottom and in my area it cuts through extremely thick woods. Here's a picture of the creek. You can click on the pic for a larger image (640X480)

The deer use the creek as a travel path. The thick woods on each side and the undercut banks make it almost impossible to see an animal as it traverses the creek bottom. There's one area that's extremely sandy, about 125 yards from my stand. When I'm in the woods I'll walk down to the creek and check the traffic. I always wipe out the tracks so that next week I'll know which tracks are new. Here's a representative sample. The cartridge in the photo is a .30-06 for scale.

What I don't know is what time of day the deer are using the creek bottom. If it's at night, then that knowledge does me no good, because night hunting is illegal. If it's during the day, knowing when they're moving would be a big help.


Old NFO said...

Is that a buck gate to the left? I think I'd be set up about where the pic was taken or close to it! Good hunting!

Anonymous said...

+1 to what "old nfo" said. It looks like ground blind time to me.

Anonymous said...

Trail cams tell you when deer are moving. Deer feeders are illegal in Georgia during deer season, so I use trail cams before and after the season starts to determine where to hang my morning and afternoon stands.

Rivrdog said...

PawPaw, any chance to dig out that creek bottom to expose a drinking hole? Might keep the deer around the area longer on each of their visits.

Pawpaw said...

Goorge, there's plenty of water there. There's a drinking pool about every 20 yards down the entire length of that creek.

Water's never a problem in Louisiana.

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