Friday, November 07, 2008

Decisions, decisiions.

I've got all the hunting clothes out and the thermos is pre-heating. I'll be abed in another hour and headed to the woods in the morning.

I've got to decide if I'm going to sit in the tripod stand, or if I'm going to get closer to the creek. At some point, the deer will start using that sunny southern slope that the tripod watches. We had a cool front come through this morning and Accuweather says that we'll have temps in the low 40's tomorrow morning, clear skies and a waxing gibbous moon that'll set before daylight. The deer are feeding right now, but maybe they'll move just after the dew lifts.

Then, there's another decision I have to make. I've always like a controlled round feed rifle. Particularly, I've always liked a Winchester Model 70, with the large Mauser extractor. There's one at the pawn shop, in .270 Winchester caliber. It's not a wood-stocked model, but that's easily fixed. It does have tbe BOSS device on the end of the barrel. So, the question becomes, do I want the rifle? I can get the price right, so that's not the deciding factor. The question is do I want another synthetic stocked rifle, and this one has a BOSS device?

Decisions, decisions.


Old NFO said...

I wouldn't recommend the boss set up. Just my .02 worth...

be603 said...

What kinda price you see in your neck o' the woods?

Curious, me being a bit of Model 70 guy (3 in the safe). One of them being a pre-64 Model 70 with an old 60's styled custom maple stock.