Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Universal What?

Yeah, that's right, universal voter registration. Another bad idea from the Democratic Party.
But now, election reformers are calling for a move toward a "universal voter registration" system, in which the government takes the lead in ensuring that all eligible citizens are registered to vote.
That's a very bad idea.
"This means the registration process would no longer serve as a barrier to the right to vote," said Wendy R. Weiser, a lawyer for the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University. "It would also eliminate the ACORN issue and all the gaming of the system."
Acorn is a bad idea. It was a bad idea from the start. There's no reason to compound one bad idea with another.

I, personally, think that voting is one of those rights that is also a privilege. Voting is something that should be taken seriously, with aforethought, and voters should be very protective of their right to vote. That a voter would want the system to be zealously guarded from fraud.

I also think that voter registration should be conducted at the Court House in the Registrar's office. If you're serious about voting, then you'll take your birth certificate down to the registrar's office and sign up to vote. If you're not serious about voting, then stay your butt at home. If you move, you gotta get back down to the registrar's office and change your address. You could do it by mail, but a serious voter would go to the registrar's office.

Universal voter registration is as bad an idea as universal draft registration.


Old NFO said...

Nice catch, I missed this one completely. Points are well said, the right to vote should NOT be automatic.

Thanks too for your service on this day!

Anonymous said...

I would add you submit to a retinal scan as you register to vote then when you go to vote you do a second one to vote

Peripatetic Engineer said...

"all eligible citizens"

What better way to determine of you are eligible than to slap down an ID at the voter registration desk.

But people are lazy. Remember Katrina when we made all kinds of concessions for the re-located people who couldn't fill out a absentee voting form?