Friday, January 12, 2007

Scooter Parts

I need something called a petcock assembly for my bike. Our local Honda dealer is about worthless, and I quit dealing with them years ago for parts. Whatever you want, they don't stock. They order everything and it takes a week to get any part you want. I went in there one day to get a tire valve and when they told me that they didn't stock them, I pitched a running fit. I called the parts manager a blood-sucking sadist. He didn't mind selling me a tire, but he couldn't stock a simple friggin valve stem? Screw them. If I have to wait a week, I'll have it delivered to my house.

The Honda Goldwing has a little valve on top of the gas tank that they call a petcock. It isn't. I've used petcocks on motorcycles. This little gizritchit has a diaphragm and a vacuum hose and acts like a little vacuum operated pump. Mine leaks, and while the bike still runs, the idea of gasoline leaking out of the tank mere inches from the family jewels is not something that appeals to me. I ordered a new assembly from Honda Direct. They told me it would be at my house in 7 to 10 days. When twelve days passed, I called them.

The parts guy was great and immediately tracked my order. It seems that UPS listed it as delivered, to a motorcycle shop in Pennsylvania. Only problem is that I am neither a shop nor in Pennsylvania. I am a customer in Louisiana.

Honda Direct says they'll over-night it to me and I should get it on Monday. If today is Friday, then tomorrow is Saturday. How is Monday morning considered an overnight delivery? Just askin'.

I guess I oughta order some valve stems and small parts like body panel grommets. Lord knows that when you need one, you need one. It's a shame that the local guys are too cheap to stock a few parts.

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Anonymous said...

Mail order on the internet killed small dealers from stocking parts its just too much overhead. I've been ordering all my motorcycling stuff on line since the early 90's. The downside of this is both of my local moto dealers have folded. Such is the marketplace.