Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jane Kathryn's wedding

Being named Jane in this family is ... interesting. My Momma is named Jane, my wife is named Jane, and then there is Jane Kathryn, a much loved neice, daughter of my sister Dianne.

When things are hopping and Daddy hollers Jane around the house, there is no telling who is liable to turn up. Especially during holidays. I, of course, am not allowed to holler Jane. Ever. God forbid my mother thinks I am calling her, and woe be unto me to holler my wife's name unless someone is bleeding. Bleeding down. Regular finger bleeding isn't good enough. I digress.

Dianne is a middle child. Whatever else you may say about her, she is organized. With a degree in Accounting and a life time of counting other peoples beans, she delights in organization. How she got that way is one of life's mysteries. She never exhibited it when I lived in the same house with her.

Jane Kathryn is a nursing student. She has a beau. This past weekend, the beau had a sit-down with Brother-in-law and Jane Kathryn is now engaged.

Dianne is planning a wedding. A June wedding. And planning it all the first week of the engagement. They've been finding reception halls, acquiring the services of a seamstress, making lists and checking them twice. I understand that Dianne is going over the budget with the happy couple and making decisions that only the Mother of the Bride can make. Jewelers are being consulted. Bridesmaids have to be chosen and fitted. Florists are in demand. Brother-in-law would best be served by Forking Over the Checkbook and retreating into his study.

I'm sure the wedding will be in exquisite taste and perfectly executed. Living with Diane for the next six months would try the patience of Job.


Anonymous said...

I well remember my middle sister's wedding(she was the first of us to get married). She and my mother nearly drove my father, and me to a lesser extent, crazy.

If and when my eldest daughter gets married, I think I'm going to hand the prospective groom $5K and tell them to go see a pastor or JP.

The Termite

Anonymous said...

Jane's "beau" actually asked her father for her "hand in marriage"?
I heartily agree with that fine tradition. I did the same thing, 26 years ago...but we got married anyway.

wst... said...

we like the $5,000 option. whats your daughters number?