Thursday, January 04, 2007


I signed up for iTunes this morning. Whatever you may think of file-sharing services, I was a big fan when it was legal to do so. Yeah, ole Paw-Paw was a music pirate. The music at my wedding was pirated. Nowadays it's illegal to do that sort of thing.

Still, I'm not real big on buying albums. I'm not opposed to paying the artist for his/her time and artistic ability. I am opposed to buying music I don't want. Most albums have two or three good songs, and the rest of the album is pretty much crap. I haven't heard an album in the last twenty years that was good music from start to finish, except Willie Nelson's Red Headed Stranger and the Beatles Abbey Road. Those two should tell you something about the music I listen to. Lately, my tastes have been running to bluegrass and blues.

Eric Clapton is doing some good things with blues music and it looks like the album Road to Escondido may be worth buying.

In other news, it's raining here on Highway 28 in Pineville. Pawpaw has to work this afternoon and Milady wants to do some shopping later this morning. It's too damn wet to go sit on a deerstand, so I guess I'll brave the grocery store with her.

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HollyB said...

Bluegrass, huh? I am a lite bluegrass fan. Mainly it's the fiddles and banjos I like to hear.
Rob't Earl Keen has a track on "What I Really Mean" CD, the title track, in fact that has a banjo/clarinet melody running thru the background that is absolutely haunting. On an OOOOld cd he has a song called the "Bluegrass Widow" pure bluegrass. Kinda funny, but a good song, nonetheless.
Enjoy the