Monday, January 29, 2007


I'm pissed off at our President, mainly because he's forgotten how to prosecute the War on Terror. I supported him when we went into Iraq, because I considered Saddam to be harboring and training terrorists and because I knew that Saddam had manufactured and used chemical weapons on his own people.

I still support the war on terror, but I'm not convinced that the folks in charge in Washington, including the members of Congress, have the moral fortitude to fight a war.

Here in the United States, we're bending over backwards to not offend any Muslims, and CAIR is leading the charge to make sure that we're fully aware of their victimhood. The Six Imams of Minneapolis, who conducted the practice run to violate airport security is only one example. Those six guys should have been marched out on the tarmac and shot. One round behind each ear and left to bleed on the ramp. That would have shown a determination to win the war on terror that would resonate with the affected masses. Damn CAIR's sensibilities. Those guys should have been sent to prison the day after the towers fell.

Here in the United States, let the Muslim population know that our tolerance has been exhausted and they better start walking a tight line. That their religion is their business. They're free to practice it as long as it doesn't become a problem. One complaint, just one, and they're bound for Gitmo.

Over in Iraq, we're bending over backwards to effect a political settlement, while troops are still engaged on the ground. If we're still fighting, the politics ain't working, so pull out the politicos. Drag Sadr out and shoot him, then install an American general as military governor or the province. Give field officers the right to use whatever force necessary to secure their objectives and damn the civilian casualties. Tell Maliki he's failed as a leader and put him to work moving rubble. Let him supervise their parliament on a chain gang.

If a particular town seems to be a hotbed of resistance, pacify it with JDAMS until the rubble has bounced three or four times, then ignore it. If it becomes a problem again, pacify it again, with larger weapons. Eventually they'll get the idea.

Iraq was a secular country before we invaded it. Secular is good. Import beer, liquor and wine, and the muslim sensibilities be damned. Our troops deserve a stiff drink after a long day of quelling insurrection. Banish the burka and make the women wear shorts and halter tops. It is hot over there.

A war without beer is a big hassle, so take the largest palaces, mayoral homes, and nice buildings and convert them to NCO and service clubs. Use the newly liberated women as beer wenches, bar maids, and prostitutes. Let them scrub toilets. With their wages, institute capitalism and let them open laundries and convenience stores.

Pump the oil like it's ours. Ship it over here and continue to drain it until they've repaid every cent for their liberation. Put the men to work on building roads and infrastructure. Do you know how many light poles you can erect with a thousand willing laborers? With ten thousand? With a million? If a guy is unwilling, either shoot him or let him starve. Whatever. They've proven their unfit or unwilling to govern themselves, so treat them like subjects, not citizens.

In twenty years, ask them if they're ready for another election and do they think they are ready to govern themselves?


oyster said...

"I considered Saddam to be harboring and training terrorists".

Please don't tell me this statement is referring to Zarqawi and company. He was in Kurdistan, which Saddam didn't control.

Anonymous said...

Pawpaw, all those things you mention will happen within the next few years. They'll happen when New York City becomes a pile of radioative rubble. I said "when," not "if."

How can a nation be at war when less that 1% of its population is affected by the war?

Anonymous said...

I like da way you think. If it's war then make war. We have lost 3,ooo good men and women from being soft and PC.

Anonymous said...

A PC war is only hell for our soldiers. A real war would be hell for those "insurgents."

Well said.

Hobie said...

Wound up were we?

I agree we need to reduce the insurgents to former insurgents most expeditiously.

However, we need to do the same on our border...

Unknown said...

Amen. Then my son can come home.

It worked on Carthage, it'll work on Iraq.

Rivrdog said...

1. In for a penny, in for a pound.
2. God helps those who help themselves.

My Mama has spoken. From On High were she can see the whole mess, she must be wondering why I haven't gone down to Barksdale and "talked" them out of 1 ea. B52H, 2 pilots, and a bomb-bay full of Mk 61's and two wing pylons full of nuke-tipped AGM's...2 Mk61's on Qom Friday evening, the AGMs will go where the IDF G-2 says they will do the most good, and I have 6 Mk61's left for....damn, but it's a target-rich environment.

Anonymous said...

PawPaw for President! or at least SecDef....or Commander, MidEast forces.

Anonymous said...

Amen! You forgot to mention more use of pigs and pig fat. Feed terrorists to the pigs, lube the bullets with pig fat. Widely advertise the fact.

Since none of this is likely to happen, in the absence of any real determination to WIN, we should bring the boys home. After all, will we REALLY miss places like New York?

DW said...

Order up the red neck special forces tell them:
Open season on terrorists
no limit
they taste like fried chicken
they hate nascar and country music
Osama ben laden called dale earnhardt a fag

problem solved,, one week max

Anonymous said...

Please, Pawpaw, tell me you're not serious.

The only way your plan could possibly work for Iraq is by inciting enough hatred of America in the Iraqis that they acquire the unity of resolve to drive our troops out. In that case our strategic goal of making Iraq no longer a safe haven for terrorism will have completely failed.

How about this:

Admit that the current Iraqi government is a failure. Remove it. Put Gen. Petraeus in charge. Establish local, democratic government and security forces (militia in the 18th century sense, but don't for heaven's sake call them militia as the liberal media won't understand), but not national ones. Above all, promote the protection of human rights particularly those protected by the First and Second Amendment to the US Constitution, as they form the foundation of political action. As local forces are able to provide security, law, and order, US troops should subordinate themselves to local authority (with commanders retaining veto authority over local decisions, of course) and will be freed to secure inter- and intra-national borders.

At this point, Iraq will be segmented into dozens of small communities. Without the ability to strike or recruit far from their bases, sectarian armies will be paralyzed while Iraqis who want peace and independence (by far the majority) will be gaining valuable experience and organization in self-defense and self-governance.

Once the local governments are firmly in place and insurgent attacks are virtually stopped, step back. Call conventions for provincial governments to be formed. Once this occurs, troops may be mostly withdrawn. Make counter-insurgency their responsibility.

At this point establish a dead-line. The United States will withdraw 18 months after the formation of the last provincial government. They may want to call a national convention and provide for a military, but that would be their responsibility.

Oh, and before I forget, hint that if any nation should invade Iraq, we'll loan the Iraqi government a fully equipped B-52.