Friday, January 19, 2007

Life Sentence for Adultery?

Louisiana has some weird laws, but evidently we have no monopoly on legislative weirdness.

It seems, in Michigan,
Adultery is still a crime under state law, punishable by a short prison sentence, but no one has been prosecuted for the offense since 1971. Judge William B. Murphy said that first-degree criminal sexual conduct is defined as sexual penetration in the furtherance of another felony. Because adultery is a felony, he said, adulterous sex could in theory be prosecuted as rape.
And in Michigan, rape can get you a life sentence.

I agree that nothing is as corrosive to a marriage than extramarital sex, but a life sentence... ? Gee!

And we thought the deep South had some repressive laws.


Anonymous said...

In my little north Louisiana hometown it's illegal to dance in public. The law has never been enforced, but it's there.

HollyB said...

J, that reminds me of the old joke... Why don't Babtists and Church of Christ members have sex standing up? They don't want folks to think they're dancing!

Which begs the question, which would be the more grievous sin... to have adulterous sex or to dance?

Can y'all tell I'm in an extremely irreverant mood this morning?
Please feel free to delete

Anonymous said...

One life sentence or another, take your pick.

Anonymous said...

Here in Michigan is it also illegal for unwed couples to live together...