Friday, January 26, 2007


Milady bought a Dell PDA for use at work and at play.

I'm going through the learning curve trying to make it friendly to her. I can see it has tremendous potential and marvelous uses. For instance, she downloaded a program that lists all the drugs in the US Pharmacopeia, along with nursing implications. She also got a handy-dandy calculator that lets her figure dosage based on weight and drip numbers based on ..... hell, I don't know, it's something nurses need, and having a little mini-computer in your pocket is better than the stubby-pencil routine.

This little device also lets her play solitaire while she appears to be lost in thought and busy as a bee. She also downloaded a couple of games for when the solitaire pales. We did have to buy a memory card to hold all the goodies.

With the proper cards, you can bluetooth, or LAN, or even GPS. This little device knows more tricks than a Bourbon Street hooker, and if you catch something, the nusing information is right under your cursor.

Still, the learning curve is a pain in the butt, albeit one that I gladly bear. For an old fart like me, learning the tricks doesn't mean I get to play with the device. At the end of the day, it lives in her pocket.

I've done a search, and I can't find a program that I could download that has the complete Criminal Code for PDA. If I could find something like that, I could see a really valid use for such a device in law enforcement. If anyone knows of such a program, let me know. It'd be great to download something like West's Criminal Code and have it in a PDA device.


Rivrdog said...

I am a PDA freak. I have a Samsung SChI-730 PDA-phone, running Windows Mobile 3.x.

If you have Office 2002 with Word, you can get as a freebie Word Mobile.

What you do is take your long, bloated Word.doc, load it into your Mobile cache on your desktop, and somehow, with great Majik, out it comes in your docked PDA in Word Mobile, suitably shrunk to less than a 10th of it's former size.

There is now a new Windows Mobile, 5.0, and I have it, but loading it would cause me to lose all the PDA software I paid for since little of it will run on the new OS. THAT's typical MS-BS.

My daughter has a PDA with tons of the medical stuff in it. She is a medical student.

Send me an email to and I'll hook you up with her emaill addy so she can help out die Frau.

Gay_Cynic said...

I run a Treo650 in an effort to avert a bad case of "bat belt"; that said, my research shows me the Louisiana Criminal Code on CD at

and a 4gb SD card available at

Cut & Paste the URL's into your address bar, and take a look - the 4gb should be enough to eat the 4 650mb CD's Gould provides, and with luck it's Word readable or HTML...

Best of luck...

Anonymous said...

Go here and get their micro-book reader.

It's excellent for reading "e-books" and there are tons of free e-books out there.

There are also lots of different converters to convert those MS Word and HTML docs into smaller formated e-books.

For example, 70 Edgar Rice Burroughs e-books take up 14.7 MB of space, 43 William Shakespeare take up 3 MB...

If you're at all familiar with usenet, alt.binaries.e-book.palm...

If you want a copy of my collection of ebooks, freddyboomboom at that there gmail thingy with an address of a dead drop would work.