Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gremlin Bells

Have you ever noticed a motorcyclist that had a little bell on the frame or handle bars of his bike? That is a gremlin bell.

Here's one on the frame of a Harley Sportster. Gremlins love to ride. They will hitch a ride with any available motorcycle, but once on board, they can't help but cause trouble. Clutch cable breaks, lights going out, oil slick on the road? Purely the work of gremlins.

As a gremlin crawls over the bike looking for something to get into, he gets trapped in the bell. The constant ringing drives him crazy and the clapper knocks him off the bike. Gremlin bells are absolutedly guaranteed, along with a good preventative maintenance program, to keep your bike running trouble free.

Here's one on a Goldwing fork. I get these little bells at a hobby shop for almost nothing. Make sure you get the kind with an open bell, or the gremlin won't fall out.

2 comments: said...

Now that's an interesting superstition I've never heard. I'll pass this on to my B&L and brother who ride.

Anonymous said...

Nah, Gremlin bells only work right if someone else gives them to you. If you buy one yourself and put it on, it won't hurt their has to be a gift, I've always heard.