Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mary Unhinged

Seems like our senior Senator is ... hell, I don't know what she is, but she better get control of herself.
Landrieu blamed the government for much of the devastation caused by Katrina and for the slow pace of recovery in Louisiana. “I often think we would have been better off if the terrorists had blown up our levees,” she said. “Maybe we’d have gotten more attention.”
Oooh, damn, Senator. That's harsh. It certainly can't be helpful.

But there's more:
Landrieu also had strong words for many people in Washington who, she says, unfairly portrays Louisiana as the nation’s most corrupt state. “Mississippi is actually the most corrupt state in the Union, but you never hear that, because there’s some political undertones about having Mississippi look so good and having Louisiana not look so good at the national level,” she said, echoing a theme put forth the past week by Governor Kathleen Blanco, who said that Mississippi received more aid because its governor is a Republican.
That's just wrong, Senator. Pointing fingers never helps.

And no, it's not Speaking Truth to Power. She is the power. What Mary said is just plain ignorant. She should be ashamed.

If I could advise Senator Landrieu, I'd tell her that I am also known to shoot off my mouth sometimes, and it never helps. We need her seniority, charm, and wit to help Louisiana. Shooting off her mouth ain't a good idea. Hell, she's in the majority now, so she should be better positioned than ever before, but if she gets a reputation as a nitwit, .... and she's going to facing re-election soon.

Watch your mouth, Senator.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at Jindal's poll numbers VS Blanco's, and it's pretty obvious why the two queen bitches are panicking. Blanco blew it big time when she spent too much time listening to Sister Landrieu rather than her state AG. Which begs another question: After Katrina's winds died down, why did she not turn to the LA ARNG state AG and say: "General, make it happen. What do you need?"

The Termite

Ambulance Driver said...

She may have some valid points to make, but being accusatory and strident doesn't help her cause.

I've long thought we've been unfairly saddled with the reputation earned 20+ years ago during the Edwards administrations and earlier ones, and that Louisiana had progressed beyond its reputation for sleazy politics...

and then the citizens of our Banana Republic on the shores of Pontchartrain go and re-elect Nagin and William Jefferson.