Sunday, January 21, 2007

Political Musing

I notice that Hillary has thrown her hat into the ring. Like that's supposed to be news. Hillary decided to run for President after being evicted from the White House when Dubya took over.

The first thing she is going to have to do is weed out the opposition. Who's running?

1. John Edwards. Pretty much a lightweight, she isn't going to have much trouble with him.

2. John Kerry? He's become a caricature of his normally caricaturish self. No one except Kerry believes Kerry can win, and Hillary is going to have to give him a good smackdown. It shouldn't take long.

3. Barack Obama. The fair-haired boy of the Democratic Party. Only he ain't fair-haired and you can believe Hillary is going to use that fact. It'll be the political version of the "Night of the Long Knives". When Hillary begins her campaign of devastation in earnest, watch for the revelation that Obama's daddy was a Muslim and that Obama had his early childhood schooling at a madrassa. That ought to sit well with the mainstream voter.

As far as Obama is concerned, I believe he might have a shot at the Presidency in 8 or 12 years. He's young yet and needs to build his resume. If he wants to be POTUS, all he need do is get some management experience and build his base. As it is right now, he's untested. Hillary is going to drive a truck right through him, leaving his campaign in tatters and severely discredited. The junior senator would do well to remember the old saying; "He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day."

As a purely hypothetical mental exercise, (because it AINT gonna happen), do you think that if Hillary is elected president, she'll let Bill come back to the White House, or will she do the honorable thing and run his ass off?

Oh, I forgot. Hillary and the honorable thing are mutually exclusive.


Matt G said...

Obama, whatever his qualifications (funny-- I've almost never heard themn), is unelectable in today's climate. I'd like to think that our nation could elect a Muslim-trained, foreign-sounding, dark-complectioned man to our highest office on the basis of his actual abilities and credentials, but I just don't think so, right now.

Hillary is a... quandry. As someone who is very leery of compromisers on the 2nd Amendment, I really don't want to see Hillary or her ilk in office. Hillary is, the modern Democrat, a heroine. But there's a LOT of backlash against her. To the Republican party (which I've begun to realize tha I don't really identify myself with, either), it's a zero-sum game. We want Hillary to be the Democratic candidate, because so many fence sitters feel so strongly against her.

At the same time, there's a lot of Dubya backlash. LOTS. Hell, even I've got a little! (That's another discussion.) We need a candidate who is strong, but is in no way a carbon copy affiliated with our sitting President.

I give you John McCain. Critical of our President at times, so he's got the correct distance. Calls for reforms of his own party, so he's got the ethical chops. Strong supporter of the war effort, and demands that we don't cut and run, but put in some more troops to do it right, if we're going to do it at all.

This is a very winnable candidate.

Anonymous said...

I think we should always refer to him by his proper name, Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Just so folks are clear on who/what they may be voting for.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Matt G; I have heard Obama, and I like his ideas for government spending. He seems like a real person, and not just a politician. However, he is much too liberal for me regarding his moral and constitutional issues, which I feel are important to consider. Hilary...oh, God, please don't let another Clinton in the White House! Not that Bill was horrible, but Hilary is a radical liberal's queen. So far, John McCain makes the most sense to me. But, I'll be interested in seeing who throws their hat into the ring.