Friday, December 01, 2006

McCain loses election

Did y'all see this? Evidently, John McCain put his name on a ballot for committeeman for the Republican party, in his home district in Arizona, and lost.
Haney also noted, with some satisfaction, that McCain himself ran as a state committeeman Tuesday and lost. But McCain spokesman Paul Hickman said the senator, who did not attend, did not seriously seek a spot as a committeeman at the next state party convention. McCain submitted his name but will soon move from the precinct. "He didn't campaign for it and didn't expect to win," Hickman said.
What the hell was he thinking?

His spokesman says that he didn't campaign for it, and didn't expect to win. That is disengenious at best. A sitting US Senator can't even draw enough votes in his own precinct to get elected to the Republican committee, and he wants to run for President? He better get his act together at home before he decides to run for a national office. Personally, I wouldn't vote for him for dogcatcher.

John McCain has earned his stripes as a warrior, as a POW, as an honorable American. I have nothing but admiration for his uniformed service to our country, but as a Senator, he leaves a lot to be desired.

I've known for a long time that John McCain is a bonehead, but I never expected to see absolute verification of it in print.

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