Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blanco wants exit plan

Governor Blanco wants an exit plan for withdrawing military and police forces and returning them home to their families.

Not from Iraq, but from New Orleans.
BATON ROUGE -- Gov. Kathleen Blanco said Saturday that she will order State Police and National Guard troops to remain in New Orleans past the end of the year, but stopped short of making a long-term commitment to backing up the storm-damaged city's strained police force.

Yeah, it's time to get the Guardsmen home. They've served long enough in a place without an exit strategy, in a hostile environment, with unclear rules of engagement, and with no real civil government.
Blanco said. "We can't do it indefinitely. If we tried to do this indefinitely, it would cost us an arm and a leg."
Oh, the cost!

I'm beyond words.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe their crime problem wouln't be as bad if they returned the firearms that were stolen, under color of law, from the law abiding citizens of New Orleans by police and National Guard units.