Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blowin' Leaves

There is this parking lot where I work. It's not a large parking lot, holding about 90 vehicles, but it is beautiful, dominated by five large live oak trees.

Live oaks shed leaves constantly. They drop their acorns in the fall. Our yardman normally keeps the lot cleaned, but he's been out sick, and we hired a temp. The temp needs great doses of adult superivision, and no one thought to tell him about the parking lot and blowing the leaves. Until today. Somebody mentioned it today.

It rained last night and the leaves are wet. Cars have been running over acorns and the nuts are ground into the consistency of cornmeal. Wet cornmeal. And the yard guy is out there blowing wet cornmeal and wet leaves with a big Stihl leaf blower.

It's the damndest mess you ever saw.

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wst... said...

stihl rocks!