Saturday, December 09, 2006

18 degrees?

Milady's thermometer registered 18 degrees as she was leaving work this morning.

Accuweather has Alexandria/Pineville LA at 20 degrees as I type this. Accuweather tells me also that warmer weather is on the way. I know how to deal with warm weather.

In short, it's colder than a whatchacallit out there. I'm glad I'm inside. This is Louisiana, folks, and it doesn't get that cold down here except once every ten or twelve years. We're a sub-tropical climate, or we were until Thursday, when it got truly cold.

PawPaw remembers some truly cold weather. He has pictures of kids slipping and sliding on a frozen pond.

My neices from Vermont tell me I don't know squat about cold weather, and I admit my ignorance.

Working last night at a detail, some citizen mentioned that it was cold and I replied that yeah, it was chilly, but the mosquitos had been hammered back. So, there's that, anyway. The mosquitos shouldn't be too bad today.

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