Sunday, December 10, 2006

NOLA Death Watch

I'm watching the results come in on the Carter-Jefferson race in New Orleans.

Jefferson took his precincts in Jefferson Parish, 11,934 votes to Carter's 4967 votes, with all precincts reporting.

New Orleans parish is still coming in. At 10:34 p.m. local, we see that Carter has 5,093 votes to Jefferson's 4,780. This with 106 of 392 precincts reporting.

I can't believe that Jefferson carried Jefferson parish, with over 66 percent of the vote. What are those people thinking? In NOLA parish, the vote could still swing either way. You can watch the results here.

This is just too bizarre for words. It's like watching a friend go slowly insane.

UPDATE: At 11:30 p.m. with 194 of 392 precincts reporting, it is Carter 9863 and Jefferson 9650 in New Orleans parish. Jefferson still has that 7000 vote lead that Jefferson Parish gave him. This is like watching a train wreck.

UPDATE: Sunday morning, the bloggers are all over this one. Here, and here, and here. The Oyster weighs in here.

New Orleans just shot itself in the foot. With a shotgun. Some are wondering what Speaker Pelosi's take on the matter will be, and whether the crook will get a committee seat commensuate with his seniority. I predict he will. The people have spoken, after all, that they prefer a crook representing them in Congress. The Congressional Black Caucus (a racist organization) will support him. Jefferson is the poster boy for the Culture of Corruption that the Democrats railed about prior to the election.

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