Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shooting Hogs

This video (Quick-time required) shows one of the easiest shots in hunting. Drilling a pig in the brain. What is truly impressive is that the guy does it with an air rifle.

I once killed a 350 pound pig with a .22 short, making the same shot this guy made. If you look at a pig head on, and draw an imaginary line from the left ear to the right eye, then another line from the right ear to the left eye, the two lines cross over the brain of the pig. The hunter has a good representation of a central nervous system shot and as long as he puts the bullet within an inch of that spot, the hog will drop like he's been poleaxed. It's like tripping a switch. One minute the hog is up, the next minute he is down.

The upside of this shot is that the pig is anchored and if you walk over and stick a knife in the carotid artery, the heart will continue to pump until the pig bleeds out. With no blood inside the pig, cleaning him for butchering is much easier.

The downside of that shot is that if you miss, you won't hit anything vital and the pig will come looking for payback. A big feral hog is properly armed with tusks kept sharp by eating. He's fast, low, and very hearty. He'll hurt you if he gets a chance. There are a couple of us who believe that a feral hog is as close as we'll get to dangerous game in Louisiana.

I personally wouldn't try that shot with an air rifle. I don't run as well as I used to, and I damn sure can't climb like I used to. I wouldn't try it with a .22 again, unless someone was close by with a repeater in the .30-30 class.


Anonymous said...

Geez, 1600 FPS from an air rifle? I'm impressed. 1250 with a simple lead pellet, too. I'd never try that with my old RWS mod. 45.
I've taken hogs up to 250 pounds and the occasional coyote with my .30 carbine Blackhawk, though.

Ever seen these? .50 cal air rifles from Korea on ? Like throwing a AA battery at them.


Anonymous said...

I was taught that at least one person carries a .357 when working hogs.