Monday, December 04, 2006


This from CBS/AP.
(CBS/AP) A 45-year-old man was hospitalized after four sheriff's deputies rescued him from the jaws of a nearly 12-foot alligator Wednesday, while he was naked and high on crack cocaine.
The hell you say.
Adrian J. Apgar was taken to the hospital in critical condition with an apparent broken right arm, leg injuries and his left arm hanging by a tendon. Hospital officials did not immediately release information about his condition. It was not clear why Apgar was in the lake. Judd said Apgar was naked and told deputies he had been smoking crack.
Well, hell. The reason he was in the lake was because he had been smoking crack. You don't swim in lakes at night with 12 foot alligators if you're sober.

They caught the gator, by the way, and it was destroyed as it was overly aggressive.

Gators are everywhere in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida. If you've got more than a half acre of water, it is an even bet that you have gators. Get used to it.

We are not the top of the food chain, especially if you've been smoking crack.


Anonymous said...

LOL! yeah, I loved this story.

As for being at the top of the food chain, I think that's the bacteria. They eat us all. Gators? nothing a lever action won't take care of.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking they should have let the gator finish his meal. . . .

Anonymous said...

You don't want that size gator with a belly full of crack, do you?