Saturday, December 30, 2006

Age and Time

It amazes me what some people will believe.

You've got to see this story from about two groups arguing about how old the Grand Canyon happens to be.

On the one side, we have the scientists who are pretty good at measuring things, within the last 10,000 years or so:
The difference between the views of some groups is--literally--millions of years apart. "The Grand Canyon was formed millions of years ago," said William Ausich, president of the Paleontological Society, who signed a letter along with presidents of six other scientific organizations. "It is the job of the National Park Service to present the best scientific information possible to the public and the book is complete pseudoscience."
Then we have the Creationists, who defend this statement:
Mark Looy, vice president of Answers in Genesis, said four staff members of his organization contributed essays to the book and believe the canyon is much newer. "The canyon was formed as a result of the aftereffects of Noah's flood, a worldwide global flood," he said. "Most of the canyon was formed by a lot of water over a relatively short period of time."

Okay, Mr. Looy, tell me how old these galaxies might be?

According to NASA and the Hubble folks, these galaxies are 4 billion light years away. Think about that for just a minute. The light from those galaxies has been traveling for 4 billion years. I'm sure that's give or take a couple of hundred thousand. So, we can reasonably infer that the universe is at least 4 billion years old.

I am a Christian. I'm also a science fan. I'm not overly educated, but the differing beliefs are easily reconciled in my mind.

God doesn't lie to me, but He is not constrained by space or time. We are. He gave us mathematics and logic to use as tools to understand His universe. More importantly, he gave us the power to observe, to discern, so that we might properly wonder at His creation.


Anonymous said...

God is not bound by space and time so He is perfectly capable of making a 4 billion year old galaxy...yesterday.

Pawpaw said...

You're right, Tom. He can do that.

However, He works under His rules, and He has decreed the speed of light. If He makes it in that cluster, we won't see it for another 4 billion years.

Hobie said...

I agree Dennis. God has given us to understand the rules of his creation for the purpose of testing and/or educating ourselves in this life. How he did it is of little import. We have to follow the rules. The rules are explained by science. I see no conflict.