Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The morning after.

Well, I see that the Democrats have made dramatic inroads, and have in fact accomplished a remarkable feat. They've captured Congress. Congratulations to all the winners.

The voters have spoken and the major word spoken is Change. We'll see how that plays out, and this post isn't to analyze or whine. The voters have spoken and that is what a democratic republic is all about.

I understand that the President is going to speak at 1:00 p.m., and if it were me, the speech could go one of two ways. The first, and best would be to acknowledge the part that voters play in a republic and that we all have to bend to the wishes of the voters. That is fourth grade civics, but in large part it holds true. He should tell the people that he intends to work with the elected leadership in the Congress and move the United States in a direction that is consistent with the wishes of the voters.

The second way would be to hire a comedy writer and deliver a stand-up routine, a roast if you will, of the last couple of weeks. The United States needs a good laugh this morning. I don't think we'll hear the President cracking jokes this morning.

The election really isn't going to affect me much, in a micro-sort-of-way, except that I need to go ahead and buy that evil assault rifle I've always wanted, in case the new Congress decides to ban them again.

The American people never cease to amaze me.

2 comments: said...

You are correct...there's a "no tax" gun sale going on this weekend, so I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, except buy two or three rifles, high cap mags and all the ammo (and/or reloading supplies) you can afford. A few feet of large pvc should also be on our shopping list.