Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wednesday ruminations.

I'm fairly disgusted with most of the politicos hereabouts. The few that don't aggravate me are keeping quiet, which is the preferred manner of keeping for political creatures.

So, that said, my prognostications for the coming election.

Nationally, the Congress might change hands, it might not. I feel like the Stupid Party (of which I am a secular member) might lose it. The thing to remember about Congressional races is that they aren't national. They are very local. For example, my personal congresscritter, Rodney Alexander, is going back to Congress waltzing. His opponent is too little, too late. After the election I am writing Rodney a scathing letter about his spending habits, but that is between he and I. He really needs to pay attention to Porkbusters.

All over the U.S., local elections are deciding the members of Congress. The big question is not whether one party is better than the other, but which party is marginally less bad than the other.

I see that John Kerry has his foot in his mouth again. I look at the two senators from Massachusetts and realize that there are voters dumber than the ones here in Louisiana.

I see the Governor's race is heating up, here in Louisiana. That one's not till next October, so there is a lot of jockeying going on. What is interesting is the number of pretenders who say that they are not running.... yet. Right now, there are two in the race. Blanco, and Foster Campbell. Expect a host of others to join in as we get closer to summer. Historically, the launch of the governors campaign has been the July 4th weekend, at the Penecostal Campground in Tioga. All the politicos are there speaking and at that point we get a pretty good idea about who is running.

As to the mayoral race in the city of Alexandria, who cares? That race has gone to the swine. My only concern about that last sentence is that I may be unfairly slandering the barnyard pigs in the parish. Most of us moved out of Alexandria years ago, anyway. The Alexandria race is a diversion. It really doesn't matter which of the two gets to be mayor. It's my home town, and I love it, but it seems that common sense never seems to catch hold in Alex.

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Anonymous said...

I look at the two senators from Massachusetts and realize that there are voters dumber than the ones here in Louisiana.


Voters dumber than Louisiana voters....Who woulda thunk it?!?!

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