Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jena High School burns

It seems arsonists have destroyed Jena High School.

Just damn.

Much of my wife's family graduated from that high school. My wife among them.

LaSalle parish lost LaSalle High in Olla to a tornado in 2004. This last disaster brings the parish to just exactly zero High Schools. None, nada, zip.

It's a hell of a note.


Anonymous said...

Wow, LaSalle Parish no has no high schools!! Geez, that has to be rough.

What do they plan to do with the students of Jena High?

Pawpaw said...

The students at LaSalle High are using an abandoned factory for classes while their new school is being built.

The students at Jena High? They've got this weekend to figure out where to hold classes. If the fire marshall allows it, they'll use parts of the campus that weren't destroyed in the fire. If not, they'll have to find somewhere to hold classes.

esquadrilhablues said...

Hello All,

I was an exchange student in Jena High School in 1995. My name is Aline Martins Ribeiro, I need to contact MRS. PETERS. Does anybody know her?

Many Thanks

Aline Martins Ribeiro