Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election returns


According to the Sec of State's website, there isn't much gonna change in the Louisiana Congressional delegation.

1st District. Bobby Jindal (R) has it sewn up with 88%.

2nd district. It looks like Karen Carter has pushed William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson into a runoff. That's good for the folks of the 2nd district. That's good for Louisiana. Jefferson has gotten about all the votes he is going to get and right now, he is standing at 29%. However, at this hour, that district is only reporting 258 out of 492 precincts. Most other districts are reporting much larger precinct percentages. It is now 10:15 pm, local time. Might be that the fix isn't in yet on that race. This one may be fun to watch. However, Jefferson should know that he is in trouble. Big trouble. Historically, Louisiana congressmen don't have any trouble getting re-elected and Dollar Bill is running 29%. He should concede. Many more have voted against him than have voted for him.

3rd District. With 493 of 540 precints reporting, we have Charlie Melancon (D) 14 points ahead of Craig Romero (R).

4th District. Jim McCrery (R) has 58 percent of that one.

5th District. Rodney Alexander (R) doesn't need to worry. He's carrying 68%.

6th District. They've returned Richard Baker (R) with 83%.

7th District. Charles Boustany (R) has the nod, at 71% of the vote.

In Louisiana, that's 5 out of 7 in the Republican column. Yee-haw. Now, if the rest of the country can get their act together, and maintain the Republican Congress, there may be hope after all.

I guess we'll know all about it tomorrow.

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