Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday Supper

Thanksgiving is upon us and we're going to my Mother's house for the Thanksgiving meal. Momma feeds upwards of fifty people every year and my sisters are at her house right now, doing prep work and preparing. The turkey is smoked and I'm sure Daddy has something in the oven or on the pit. Probably a ham.

That leaves the question of the Wednesday evening meal. Milady decided to ask the family over for a seafood meal tonight and they all accepted. We're feeding 25 people in about six hours. We've been doing prep work all morning, and straightening and dusting and vaccuuming. As I live only six miles from my mother, we are closely convenient for a side trip.

The menu is :

Broiled red snapper, stuffed with a seafood cornbread dressing.

Crab cakes, served over angel-hair pasta, topped with a cheese fettucini sauce.

Pistolettes, baked lightly.

Green tossed salad

Iced tea. The adults, of course, may opt to cocktail.

For Dessert, choice of peach cobbler with ice cream, or chocolate cake.

Hopefully, this small repast will keep everyone fortified until the main meal tomorrow morning. I hope, at the very basic level, no one starves to death. There is still peanut butter and jelly in the cupboard.

I hope all my readers have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving day. When you're saying grace tomorrow, be sure to remember our veterans and our warriors in the field.

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