Saturday, November 04, 2006


Not, not the weather, although it is pleasantly cool outside. Me. I've got a cold.

Hacky cough, slight fever, sore throat, back ache, no stamina, nose running like a fountain. All the classic sypmtoms. Milady, who is a registered nurse, applied her considerable talents to my discomfort. Two tylenol, gargle with listerine. Get my butt in bed. Last night I climbed into bed at 7:00 and climbed out at 8:00 this morning. For a fellow that usually gets 6 hours, that may be part of why my muscles ache. Too much mattress time.

I am blessed, generally, with good health. Yeah, I'm overweight and have some bad habits, but I've taken off sick only two days in the last five years.

I don't do "sick" real well. The grandkids are over here this morning and I am letting them run on autopilot. Saturday morning cartoons are on the TV, so I don't have any PawPaw duties to fulfill right now. They're happy to leave me alone.


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Rivrdog said...

Drag yourself out of the rack and go cast some bullets. The fumes from that should knock out whatever disorder has invaded your head.

No charge for the (non) medical advice.