Monday, November 20, 2006

Red cider

It's cold tonight in central Louisiana. Almost no wind, under a crystal clear sky with a new moon. The temperature will drop down into the low 30s and by daylight, there will be a frost on the ground. On nights like this, I like to make red cider, a recipe I learned from a friend long ago. It's the height of simple.

Go buy a bag of cinnamon red-hot candies. Tonight I'm using the 5.7 oz bag of Hy-top Cinnamon Imperials. Empty the whole bag in the top of your coffee maker, in a filter where the coffee goes. Fill the machine with apple juice where the water normally goes. Turn the machine on.

Drink. Enjoy.


HollyB said...

Umm, that sounds yummy!
And here's some misplaced comments:
I'm so glad your Lady is home from the hospital! Please pass along my "well" wishes to her. The turkey gumbo sounded good,too.
Bummer about the shingles. Did you get any kind of warranty on that house? Although, rain on a metal roof sure would sound pretty.
And finally, sounds like your Sunday was pretty close to heaven. Just like mine. Kids and grandkids, they're the best, aren't they?

Unknown said...

Umm...PawPaw, where's the "kick" for the cider? Don't tell me you're starting to go soft.

Matt G said...

Better use a dedicated coffee maker-- I like my coffee to taste like coffee later on-- not some candy store red flavor.

By the by, I've used your two ingredients many a time, simmered over a saucepan.

And Nick? If you want your cider to have kick, put the above ingredients together in a big jug with some yeast, seal it with a drilled cork and water lock, and give it a week. Then strain it into another jug, and enjoy. It'll be a little less sweet, and have a healthy kick to it. Just make sure someone else is driving.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the suggestion Matt. I recently started brewing my own beer, so I'll have to try the cider.