Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday afternoon

I'm feeling a little better. Not entirely human yet, but certainly hominid. I've coughed so much that my ribs are sore, and Milady claims that I am hoarse, but that too will pass.

I might even read a newspaper tonight, although mindless entertainment might be better. It is hard to get any more mindless than the current crop of television offerings.

I'm supposed to talk to a high school civics class tomorrow morning about Terry v. Ohio, which set the standard for Stop and Frisk in the police business, and the case of TLO v. New Jersey, which set the standard for school administrators conducting searches of students. The class period usually devolves into a general question and answer session about the 4th Amendment and what it means in America today.

I've given this lecture a half dozen times, and basically all the teacher has to do is wind me up and turn me loose. The only wild-card is when I field questions from the students. One never knows what a student will come up with, and answering questions about current police practice keeps me on my toes.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the classroom work. It was one of the more interesting (fun) assignments I had over the years. The kids do make you think sometimes. The interaction is good for you and for them.