Sunday, February 12, 2006

Slow Sunday

It's been a slow Sunday. I started off this morning helping my Daddy with a little chore that needed doing, then came home just before noon to find my stepson in the yard with a broke-down pickup truck. It needed a water pump, and we managed to get it done in about an hour. I kept waiting for the unforseen problem to come, but we assembled everything, tested for leaks, filled the radiator, and dropped the hood in just over an hour. Milady and I decided to take a nap about 3:00 pm and when we woke, she wanted to go to IHOP for supper.

I get home to find that Dick Cheney has shot his hunting partner. Unfortunate, but not unheard of, especially hunting quail over dogs, or hunting rabbits over dogs. As understandable as it is, I can't give the Vice President a pass. Hunting is inherently dangerous and the four rules of safe gunhandling are unforgiving taskmasters. Dick violated rule number 4. No excuses, no spin, no explanations. He violated rule 4.

Thankfully, the victim is going to be okay.

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Xavier said...

Good post Pawpaw!
This is not a matter for jokes.