Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I was over at the Bayou Buzz, reading some opinions, and came upon this piece by Jeff Crouere.

Katrina and Rita roared ashore in August, dealing us a devastating blow.

Louisiana in general, and everything south of I-10 in particular has some changes to make and some problems to solve. There is no doubt that our politics and politicians need to improve. Vast portions of New Orleans are still in disaster mode. Levees are being rebuilt, but the pace of reconstruction is slow. New Orleans will soon be embroiled in a mayoral election, and the Governor has called for a special session to address problems. We face some general, statewide elections later this year.

The calendar continues to turn. June will be upon us in another four months, bringing another hurricane season. The chances are good that Louisiana will be affected by one or more hurricane during the season. History shows that we get our share.

Are the evacuation plans in place? Are we ready for another hurricane season? Have we done everything we can possibly do if, God Forbid, another killer hurricane visits our shores? These are questions we need to ask now, rather than later.

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