Monday, February 13, 2006

Head cold

I feel like hammered shit. My nose is running, my sinuses are stuffed, my head hurts. My sinuses are draining down my throat, and if I'm not blowing my nose, I am swallowing snot. I need some relief.

I had plans to blog some nonsense I saw earlier today, but an early retreat might be the better part of valor. I just inhaled two Sudafed, and I am about to chug some NyQuil. I might feel hung-over in the morning, but I'll sleep. That is a good thing.

Y'all keep track of the moonbats while I recuperate. I'll be back tomorrow or the day after.


Rachel said...

I must say your's was not a great post to read as I sit here eating candy and read about you swallowing snot. Gag, gag, gag...

Oh my, what a lousy way to feel. Hope you are on the mend by now.

Simon Peter said...

I think you have what I'm just getting over. Sorry to hear it. I'll pray for your fast recovery.