Friday, February 03, 2006


I was thinking about the cussing men do sometimes, and how it seems to have lost its timbre over the years.

If you know somone and you call him a bastard, you might be cussing him, or you might be referring to the circumstances of his birth.


Anonymous said...

I read an account of an early French trapper along the Mississippi River near Fort Adams who was cursing his flintlock which was giving him trouble. An indian traveling with the group asked another trapper about what the first trapper had meant. The "savage" commented that he thought it was strange that someone would call upon his creator to damm a piece of wood and steel to Hell.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I like to call Michael Moore a fat, ugly bastard, but in reality, I have no idea if he was born out of wedlock.

On the other hand, my fiance has a 2 yr. old little girl whom she had, as a single mom, and I never think of her (Bella) as a bastard.

MasterGunner said...

Y'know, the more I think about it, if you called someone a "son of a bitch" could kind of apply the same logic.