Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mardi Gras

I'm off today, in the middle of the week, because Louisiana is celebrating Mardi Gras. Everyone has seen pictures of the celebration in New Orleans, which is going on now. Small-town Louisiana has Mardi Gras celebrations, too. Pawpaw usually attends the ones in Eunice or in Mamou, sometimes both. Milady and I are fond of the street dances held in both those little towns.

Unfortunately this year, Milady had to work last night and is asleep in our bed. She has to work tonite, too. She may, in fact, have to ride to Dallas this evening in an ambulance to return a medically fragile patient to Louisiana.

PawPaw spent the morning doing a little reloading. I noticed that the empty once-fired brass I have in .243 Winchester was coincidentally the same number as the 100 grain Sierra GameKing bullets I had on hand. Not one to let a coincidence like that go unrewarded, I loaded all the loose bullets into the empty once-fired brass. An hour or so on the bench produced all the hunting ammo I will need for that rifle for next year.

This afternoon, I am going to liberate my grandsons from their mother. She needs the break, and they do too. We'll run some errands and then come home and play in the yard. I'll bring them back dirty and tired and she won't have any trouble putting them down for sleep later tonite.

Still, I wish I were dancing in the street in Mamou.

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