Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happy Dance Time

Looks like a CCW holder in Baton Rouge helped a cop from a life-threatening situation, capping a goblin in a struggle with the police officer.

Xavier is all over it.

What a quote:
Phares would not talk about bullet entry points, but said, “It is my understanding that Mr. Stephens attempted to place his shots in a way to minimize harm to the police officer since the two were so close.”

This is Louisiana, of course, and no charges will be filed.


Anonymous said...

There's lots to like about this story, but what I like best about it is that there is NO MENTION of the race of any of the individuals involved.

Sadly, that probably means that they were either all white or all black. If more than one race had been involved, someone would have found some way to make this a racially-motivated incident.

Anonymous said...

No, the guy killed was black and now the NAACP is demanding a full investigation into the Baton Rouge police department.