Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Ag Discs

An agricultural disc is a plowing tool.   It's basically a round, concave piece of mild steel and if you've lived around agriculture, you've seen them used.  For those of you who haven't seen a disc harrow being used, here's a quick video.

The poinnt being, they are agricultural tools, designed to drag through the dirt.  When we lived on the place in Natchitoches parish, there were times when I'd stumble over used disc plates.  They wear out, and being mild steel, they're used for lots of things.

They come in various sizes, and they're very useful for lots of things.  For example, if you weld a piece of pipe through the hole of a used disc harrow, it makes a great stand for a mailbox.

Last year, my elder son asked me to keep an eye out for a couple of used disc plates.

"For what?" I asked

""I'm going to build a big wok." he said. "Fill that center hole, clean it up, and put some handles on it.  I figure I can use it on a campfire and cook anything I want to cook on it."

Well, okay, tiger.  The old man found the disc plates.

There are two of them, about 24" across and weigh about 25 pounds apiece.   My son (bless his heart) comes from a combined redneck/cajun family with a penchant for projects and cooking.

Personally, I can't wait to see how this turns out.  He's really good in a welding shop, and if anyone can fill that hole and make those worn-out discs into something useful, it's him.

I'll do an update when the project is completed.  I bet that thing will make a hell of a fried rice.


M. Silvius said...

In New Mexico they call them a "Disco". Twenty years ago I bought a 24" one off a Mexican fellow selling them by the side of the road in El Paso. They work great for outdoor cooking used on an open fire or a turkey fryer burner. Google images for "Disco Cooking" for ideas.

Old Grafton said...

Used one for nmany years. You can cook a helluva lotta bacon, then eggs on one for a Troop of ravenous Boy Scouts at dawn on a weekend!

Anonymous said...

I was working on a job in the Rio Grande valley. One of the locals asked me over to his home for a fish fry. He used a disk and as the fish got ready, he would pull the fish up on the sides to let the oil drain off. Worked great!

Anonymous said...

Yes, three steel rebar with one end brazed onto disk to cook over fire. Just the thing to fry foods over outside wood fires. Round bottom centered over fire means constant heat surrounding center, with oil allowed to drain to center.

John said...

I will ask my farmer friend for one when we see him next.
I enjoyed following the disk cussion. (groan)

M. Silvius said...

I've found my 24 inch one just about right to make enough paella for 12 to 14 mouths. Google "Discada" or "Discada Mejicana" for traditional recipes.