Friday, March 03, 2017

Why Do Women Own Guns?

Reading Joe Hufman this morning, I find this video, from the NRA.  It's a great video, focusing on women and guns.  I'll leave it right here if you want to watch it.

The easiest answer is that even asking the question is sexist.  Women own guns for a aridity of reasons, but most importantly, because they are citizens.  Women own guns as collectors, for recreation, competition, target shooting, hunting,.. you name it.  Women own guns for the same reasons that men own guns.

Don't be sexist.

Edit to add.  If you're a guy, and your gal wants to shoot, or carry, or take a course, don't pick her gun out for her.  Let her try as many different kinds as possible, but let her choose her own carry gun.  That choice is as personal as choosing underwear, and she deserves the respect to be able to choose her own gun.


Old NFO said...

Agree with all! And they might just surprise you with which one they choose...

Monty James said...

I ran across this years ago at the View From The Porch blog, and it's always been very helpful in the way I think of the subject:

How To Make Your Wife Hate Guns

There's a lot of good stuff on the whole Cornered Cat blog. I'm glad I came across yours, I will start reading it regularly.

The Old Man said...

Don't just encourage your lady, offer her money to buy her own weapon. (That way y'all have a built-in excuse to buy another weapon.... For you.)

Anonymous said...

Offer her money to buy her own? What? She doesn't have her own money? You make it sound like the woman in your life is a kept, Little Princess.

I quit doing any and all of that a long time ago. I figure that if my wife wants to learn to shoot, she'll come to it all on her own. She doesn't need to be pressured. Since she's now 55 and hasn't ever been interested, I doubt it'll ever happen. It's just not my business at this stage-- She already knows what I think, and trying to explain it any further is counterproductive. We have two kids, which have fled the nest. I raised them around guns all the time. They were both shooting since they were four or five years old. Now, of the four of us, I'm only one who shoots or has any interest in shooting. Maybe I pushed too hard back in my more zealous days, what? -- Lyle

Grumpy OldMan said...

If you help her choose a firearm and she ends up not liking it, it will be *your* fault.

If you don't help her and let her choose one on her own and she ends up not liking it, it will also be *your* fault.

If she buys it without your knowledge and ends up not liking it, it will still be *your* fault.

Those are the rules, but now that I've figured them out, the women will probably change them on me. :(