Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fish Fry Today

Well, the fish fry is over, we ate till our belly-buttons were tight, then sat around and visited for several hours.

Catfish, french fries, hush=puppies.  The ladies made broccoli salad and cole slaw.  PawPaw was the fry-master today.  I know my way around a fish cooker, I've been frying fish for nearly four decades, and I've just about learned how to do it.  There is no real secret.  Good, clean fish, good seasoning, slice the filets thin, roll it in seasoned cornmeal, and fry it in hot oil.  Use a thermometer and keep your oil between 350-400 degrees. I don't know why some people have trouble with this.

Grand-niece Rachel is a starving college student at ULM in Monroe, LA.  I was very surprised and pleased to see her get out of the car.  Rachel is a joy, and it appears that she likes fried fish.

All told, I fed fourteen people this afternoon, and still had fish left over.  Several of the guests took fish plates home.  It was a great day with greaat people.

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Old NFO said...

Doesn't get much better than that! Some good lookin' fish, hushpuppies and fries there!