Thursday, March 02, 2017

Charter Arms Off-Duty

You never know what you're going to find, pawn shop crawling, and when I went into my favorite pawn shop today, I found a little jewel under the glass.

It's a Charter Arms Off-Duty, the original version with the exposed hammer spur, of course in .38 Special.  It's a five-shot, snubnose revolver, suitable for concealed  carry.  It seems to be an aluminum framed gun, and I admit that I'm not that familiar with the history of this particular model, but I suspect that this one should be used with standard pressure ammo only..

However, a quick checkout indicated that the gun locks up tight, indexes properly, and has transfer-bar ignition.  The double-action pull is heavier than the single-action pull, which has a little creep, but breaks cleanly.  The little gun shows very little wear, and I suspect that it was carried a lot more than it was shot.

The small fame feels good in my hand, and it seems to have the original grips.  This is a small frame revolver of the type normally seen during the early 1970s and 80s, and I suspect that it is from that era.  The "old"Charter Arms went bankrupt in the 1990s and I believe that this little pistol is from that era.

The "new" Charter Arms is another company that bought the rights to the name of the company and the model names.  The company today is s still manufacturing firearms.

I admit that I'm always on the lookout or a Charter Arms Bulldog, their revolver chambered in .44 Special.  This little revolver will go away soon, as I told my daughter that I'd keep an eye out for a nice, clean, solid little small-frame .38 Special revolver.  This one seems to fit the bill.


The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

Cool! I'd be interested to see how it disassembles.

Anonymous said...

It does look like one I bought years back which I bought based on my brother in law and many of his officers carrying that as an off duty gun. Excellent piece, surprisingly accurate, and not painful to shoot. Some idiot traded it off for one of those big Ruger 15 shot 9mm guns that hit the market big time 20 years or so ago. We won't mention his name so as not to rub in just how stupid I was. I have since picked up a .44 special in snub nose (Bulldog Pug) and am as pleased with it as I was the .38 although it has a little more of a pain inducing jolt although carpel tunnel is probably more responsible for that than the gun is.

Anonymous said...

Yep, a 1st Generation Charter Arms it appears to be (non shrouded cylinder pin). Nice find. I believe it is actually stainless steel construction. Not fancy, just capable. Fits the Charter Arms revolver description. Your daughter should be happy with it.

Ryan said...

Nice! I was thinking you were short on J frame .38s but it makes sense for the daughter.