Thursday, March 30, 2017

Older Women Drinking Hard

That's the title of an article at CBS News.  
More older American women than ever are drinking — and drinking hard, a new study shows.
Most troubling was the finding that the prevalence of binge drinking among older women is increasing dramatically, far faster than it is among older men, the researchers noted.
Interesting.  I've known women who could drink men under the table, although I never found that particular attribute particularly attractive.  In fairness, they didn't find me particularly attractive, either.

Bell and I normally have a toddy or two on an afternoon.  Normally an aperitif and a digestif.  It puts a mellow glow on the day, and we're past the stage of having to help kids with homework and make sure that everyone is bathed and abed at a decent hour.  It's just us, so we knock back a couple and spend some time in pleasant conversation before bedtime.

Maybe that's what they're talking about.  Older women deserve the break.


Judy said...

Or the stigma that was once there, is gone.

Also, how was the question worded? How did these women define binge drinking and was it the same definition the researchers used? Or was there some lumping together of women who drink and women who get blind drunk to get the statistics the researchers wanted? Or did the 'journalists' get creative with their reporting as they are wont to do?

Old NFO said...

I'm not sure I'd believe it without seeing the raw data AND how the questions were asked, as Judy said.

Theother Ryan said...

That WWII crowd hit it hard. They just drank liquor all the time. My paternal Grandma cracked a rib puking up cinnamon shnaps on her 69th b day. My stepmothers mom is now 80 something but can definitely party with me and somehow go drink for drink despite weighing half what I do.

Anonymous said...

I've been known to spend some time in bars,and have always seen women-of-a-certain-age in them.

Depends on the woman though, my Mom (born in 1919) would get drunk if she sniffed the bottle cap from my Dad's beer bottle, total lightweight. We were at my brother's one time and his neighbor came over with a bottle of vodka and a pitcher of orange juice, which Mom didn't realize was pre-spiked (and in fact the lady in question insisted that it was just orange juice). Mom spent all afternoon sleeping on the sofa after one glass of pre-spoke OJ.

Mark D